Beads Stitch Jewelry Certification course <Part II> provided by JoseBeads

* There is no overlapping in course contents between <Part I> and <Part II>

Josephine Wong designed Beads Stitch Certificate course projects aiming to introduce basic skills for students.

 Lesson 1 : Herringbone tube bracelet

 This is a Herringbone stitch tube bracelet. 

 The decoration part in the middle is made by various color of Glass beads,

 Fresh water pearl and crystal parts from Japan etc.

 Lesson 2 : Dutch Spiral stitch bracelet

 Dutch spiral project always is one of the most eye catching items!

 This item obtains three independent little spiral pieces.

 Baby blue color beads are placed between them!

 Lesson 3 : Russian stitch brooch

 We try to use differnt kinds of material on beading projects.

 Such as ribbon, lace motif and good quality artificial flowers

 are our choice. Hoping you love this theme project !

 Lesson 4 : Polygon weave

 I love this necklace so much!

 There are ten pieces of "Apple shape" black agate near

 both endings. L O V E L Y !!

 Lesson 5 : Netting stitch

 From this netting pieces,

 here are two ways to do netting stitch: ball shape and wave style.

 And, you will learn how to do embroidery for a cabochon from

 this lesson.

 Lesson 6 : Flat spiral chains

 Flat spiral chains are so attactive skill on making projects.

 It is a regular and fully symmetrical design.

 A spot light crystal ring and a Swarovski crystal inside it.

 After stitching has been done, we put it as a bangle by blanket stitch.


 Lesson 7 : Peyote tube

 Elegant materials for making this peyote tube necklace,

 such as Fresh water pearl, Japan seed beads and Japan buttons

 and beads.

 Lesson 8 : St. Petersburg Chain (intermediate)

 We try to make those lovely leaf by small seed beads.

 The pattern is different from thosein Beads Stitch <Part I>


l e s s o n  schedule

We will try our best to fit your personal schedule for individual class.

Please make appointment at least 2 days before lesson.

L e s s o n fee

3 hours/lesson (materials + recipe + tuition) 

First installment: lessons 1 to 4 = HKD 3,700 (about JPY 50,000 en)

Second installment: lessons 5 to 8 = HKD 3,700

Certification fee

HKD 550 (about JPY 8,000 en)

(the certification only given for those who complete lessons 1 to 8 within three months)

The second copy will be charged HKD 350

* this course will be available throught year


Cash or EPS during lesson 1 and lesson 5 at JoseBeads Shop

Enquiry at 2838 5605


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