Beads Stitch Jewelry Certification course <Part I Renewal 2016-17> provided by JoseBeads

* There is no overlapping in course contents between <Part I> and <Part II>

Josephine Wong designed Beads Stitch Certificate course projects aiming to introduce basic skills for students.

 Lesson 1 : Netting tube bracelet

 This is a golden yellow Herringbone stitch tube bracelet. 

 Shinny cat's eye beads and fresh water pearl make it


 Lesson 2 : Peyote stitch brooch

 This Sweetly fresh water pearl brooch together with

 various size of stitching leaves.

 Lesson 3 : African Helix bracelet

 I love the matching of two different purple colors ^^

 Lesson 4 : Single spiral stitch necklace

 This long necklace is full of seaweed natural feel.

 The tone color is green, but I tried to make it in a

 brighter way.

 Lesson 5 : Herringbone stitch bracelet

 From this project, you will learn both herringbone stitch

 and cabochon embroidery. Hoping you love it!

 Lesson 6 : Brick stitch necklace

 woo... you see this project really looks like

 candies ^^ so sweet ...


 Lesson 7 : Daisy chain bangle

 This bangle is rather a dark color tone project among

 those 8 projects. The skill learnt from Lesson 5, I think

 the importance of blanket stitch will help you for you

 further design.

 Lesson 8 : St. Petersburg Chain (Fundamental)

 A romantic floral brooch with mosaic beading


l e s s o n  schedule

We will try our best to fit your personal schedule for individual class.

Please make appointment at least 2 days before lesson.

L e s s o n fee

3 hours/lesson (materials + recipe + tuition) 

First installment: lessons 1 to 4 = HKD 3,800  

Second installment: lessons 5 to 8 = HKD 3,800

Certification fee

HKD 550

(the certification only given for those who complete lessons 1 to 8 within three months)

The second copy will be charged HKD 350

* this course will be available throught year


Cash or EPS during lesson 1 and lesson 5 at JoseBeads Shop

Enquiry at 2838 5605


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