Beads Crochet Jewelry Certification course provided by JoseBeads

After finishing Beads Crochet Jewelry I, you are suggested to join Part II 

Josephine Wong designed all this 8 crochet projects aiming to provide a overview for students on beads crochet.

 Lesson 1 : loop crochet brooch

 A soft color loop pieces made from the colorful loops.

 Getting the loops in different length takes basic practice.

 Together with ribbon and fruitful beads and parts,

 a kawaii love brooch to be created!

 Lesson 2 : tube crochet bracelet

 This vintage colortone bracelet provides you a 

 basic skill on making tube crochet art.

 Lesson 3 : loop necklace

 Elegant Spring/Summer color of gemstone &

 fresh water pearl reflects a sweet sense of season!

 Lesson 4 : Strawberry brooch

 Basic skill on crochet balls and modified pattern for beads

 strawberry giving a good practice on ball shape projects

 Lesson 5 : perlen necklace

 Again, a combination of fresh water pearl,

 gemstone chips and vaious kind of seed beads

 creating this pleasant work.

 Lesson 6 : hair accessories

 Based on the skill learnt from lesson 4,

 making a sparkling fireworks liked hair accessories.

 Lesson 7 : tube necklace + embroidery

 An advanced step on making a long tube crochet necklace

 with white fresh water pearl decoration. 

 From this project, you will learn cabochon embroidery skill too.

 Lesson 8 : crochet motif

 This is the last crochet project of this certification course.

 A 3-D crochet flowers together with ribbon decoration

 gives a great handmade hair accessories. 

l e s s o n  schedule

We will try our best to fit your personal schedule.

Please make appointment at least 2 days before lesson.

L e s s o n fee

3 hours/lesson (materials + recipe + tuition) 

First installment: lessons 1 to 4 = HKD 3,700 (about JPY 50,000 en)

Second installment: lessons 5 to 8 = HKD 3,700

Certification fee

HKD 550 (about JPY 8,000 en)

(the certification only given for those who complete lessons 1 to 8 within three months)

The second copy will be charged HKD 350

* this course will be available throught year


Cash or EPS during lesson 1 and lesson 5 at JoseBeads Shop

Enquiry at 2838 5605


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